Non Disclosure Orders

Many people believe that when they successfully complete deferred adjudication community supervision their record is automatically sealed.  This is simply inaccurate.  Unless you seek and obtain an Order of Non Disclosure the fact of your arrest and placement on deferred adjudication community supervision may be available to private parties researching your background, and may affect your ability to obtain the employment you seek.

Many people also believe that they are eligible to have their records expunged following the successful completion of deferred adjudication community supervision.  This is also inaccurate.  For a discussion of expunction eligibility click here.

If you have successfully completed deferred adjudication community supervision you may be eligible for an Order of Non Disclosure.  Generally, upon successful completion you may obtain an Order from the Court to criminal justice agencies prohibiting them from disclosing your criminal history record information to the public, in effect sealing your records.

For many misdemeanors your eligibility for a Non Disclosure Order is immediate upon discharge from supervision.  For some misdemeanors there is a waiting period that must expire before you are eligible, and for all felony deferred adjudication cases there is a waiting period before you are eligible to obtain a Non Disclosure Order.

Please bear in mind that the statute controlling Non Disclosure Orders is complicated and there are many exceptions in the law regulating your eligibility to obtain a Non Disclosure Order.  Contact us today to learn whether you are eligible for an Order of Non Disclosure.

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